December 2020 #wwwp5K

I participated in the #wwwp5k today with my extended family, across 3 states!

We started our walk at 13:00 EST and got on a group call to simulate walking together as closely as possible. And to stay motivated and entertained!

I walked in Florida with my parents and sister. It was about 81 F / 27 C out and sunny.

Sunny Florida
Proof in the Strava app that we walked 5k

Family selfie
Me in my virtual walk wapuu t-shirt

My aunt walked in Massachusetts, where it was 57 F / 14 C and there was snow on the ground.

My aunt after her walk

Proof my aunt walked 3.6 miles
Shoe selfie

My cousins walked in the woods of New Hampshire, where it was 45 F / 7 C.

My cousins during their walk
Woods of New Hampshire

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