Last Week in my NYC Neighborhood

It’s almost the end of summer here and temperatures are cooling down a bit, so it’s the perfect weather for rambling around city streets and parks. I saw a couple of things on my walks that made me feel like the city is alive and connected — something that’s difficult to remember when I’m glued to my computer screen reading article after article about how over and dead New York is. Sure, it’s quieter than usual, and you notice the eeriness of empty windows on some streets, but it’s still got that vibrant charm that makes you wonder what you’re going to see next.

Alex’s MVP Cards and Comics

1577 York Ave, New York, NY 10028

I hadn’t noticed this tiny comics store before, but last week they put out half-price comics for curbside browsing and I think it was a genius move. I haven’t browsed books or comics since the pandemic started and it was great to be able to stop and look at something new in the real world.

Hammock Hack

Person in hammock in a city park

No backyard? No problem! Seen on the East River walkway.

The Met Museum Reopening

Met Museum in Manhattan

I expected the Met to be an empty shell, and found they’d reopened the day before. It was a bit surreal to see small crowds filing in and out. I’d just read What should a museum look like in 2020? and it’s crushing that a wealthy, powerful institution like the Met, with the resources to open at 25% capacity, refuses to effect real change in their collections and staff. I hope more responsible art centers survive and flourish in the future.

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